Prepare your body during pregnancy through hatha yoga


Learn the benefits of practicing hatha yoga during pregnancy and see how your body evolves

Hatha yoga: discover its benefits during pregnancy

“Can I play sports while I’m pregnant?” During pregnancy, many women wonder what exercises and postures they can do and what they can’t because of the changes their body has already experienced. However, there are proposals such as hatha yoga, an easy and progressive practice of yoga that helps women focus more deeply. What other benefits can this discipline bring during pregnancy?

  • As we have already explained, the main claim of the practice of hatha yoga is to focus more deeply, both in your body and in your mind.
  • Through this concentration, you will be able to recognize resistance, energy levels and bodily discomfort.
  • In addition, it gives you the time and space you need to integrate the changes that are taking place in you and helps you to reflect and develop emotions and abilities to become stronger in the face of new challenges.

But what is hatha yoga really? “Within the different currents of yoga, the most widespread in the West is hatha yoga, a yoga that promotes the development of the potential of the body,” says the midwife. Within this type of yoga we find two practices that can be of real help for the health of women during the nine months of gestation. These are the āsana and the pranayama that facilitate body awareness and preparation for meditation. It is not any gymnastics that women will have to face in a forced way, but, rather, a conscious exercise that involves mental, energetic and somatic work and with which it will be easier to accept the changes that develop, both in the body as in the mind, during pregnancy. In fact, in her book, Isabel Coca explains these processes that occur in the woman’s body and how we can cope with those symptoms that appear through yoga.

Among his advice appears the practice of āsana, which in the West would be known as the position. The posture is very important during pregnancy and defines how women face pregnancy. During pregnancy changes occur due to the increase of the uterus and changes in the spine that will force the woman to constantly adapt the posture, balance and body movements. Hence the importance of observing each movement, of finding the posture in which to feel safe and comfortable. It is important to detect these changes and, based on them, restrict some positions and look for adaptations or modifications.

Beyond the position, it is necessary to become aware of the breath. When this happens we can talk about pranayamaA technique in which we become aware of the breath, we stop breathing as we usually do and so we get the breath to lengthen. It will also help the mind to slow down and gradually concentrate more. What benefits does pranayama bring to the health of a pregnant woman? Practicing it helps, above all, to release emotions such as fear, anguish or sadness. You can release tensions, relax the muscles and the diaphragm, giving more space to the breath and the baby.

More and more women are turning to yoga during pregnancy and for the preparation of childbirth. These are the basic tips that the author explains in her book, which contains 250 photographs and 6 practice sheets with explanatory drawings:



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