Power Yoga: The Discipline That Helps You Lose Weight


It is time that we disprove the myth that yoga only serves to relax our mind and bodies. There are much more intense modalities of yoga, that allow for an intense calorie burning workout!

To all of us who practice (or have practiced yoga) the same question always seem to come up in conversation: does yoga help you lose weight? Or is it just a form of exercise that helps us stretch the muscles and meditate the mind? You may be surprised to know, in this regard, that many yoga modalities are much more intense than other types of exercise, such as Pilates or even some interval training sessions. A hot yoga session for 30 minutes can burn up to 600 calories!

And among them, there is a style of yoga that stands out especially for combining, in addition to the common work of flexibility and strengthening of the muscles, cardiovascular work. And how is this accomplished? Well, simply, with more dynamic movements and more intense positions. So, if your initial goal was to lose weight and you are doubting whether it is worth doing yoga, do not hesitate, Power Yoga has it all!

What exactly is Power Yoga?

It is actually a practice that belongs to the discipline of Vinyasa yoga, but it is a training whose bases are more rooted in physical practice. In this regard, he shares many traits with the Ashtanga yoga branch, with which he has many qualities and benefits in common. As in Ashtanga, during the practice of Power Yoga, your body generates internal heat and increases your resistance. Its regular practice, therefore, helps improve flexibility, physical strength and cardiovascular endurance.

This is why Power Yoga is becoming increasingly popular worldwide, and it is increasingly common to find it among the offer of classes in gyms and yoga studios, as well as in retreats and specialized courses. In addition to including the implicit benefits of yoga, it also incorporates those that you would get in other more aerobic exercises.

That’s right: Power Yoga is a modern form of this ancient discipline that blends in a balanced way the traditional values ​​of yoga with the needs of now: the improvement of our physical condition, toning or weight loss. It is a type of yoga that, therefore, fits perfectly to what most of us are looking for: a holistic discipline that goes beyond the boring and traditional gym sessions but at the same time provides those physical benefits that we all crave in the same way. And what benefits are we talking about?

The Benefits of Power Yoga

Power Yoga actually has all the benefits of a usual yoga practice and more. Among the many advantages you can take advantage of:

  • It helps to burn a considerable amount of calories.
  • With it you develop strength, endurance and flexibility and tone the muscles, especially the core.
  • Power Yoga helps activate your metabolism.
  • Boost your concentration.
  • It helps reduce stress and anxiety.
  • You tone even those muscles that are inactive.

When should the practice of Power Yoga be avoided?

The type of yoga you choose to practice depends on what your goal is. If what you are looking for is an intense practice and burning calories, then do not hesitate: Power Yoga is for you. But if what you need is a more therapeutic side, to relieve back pain, for example, then it is advisable to refrain from this type of practice, since some of its postures are very intense and you could worsen some muscle aches.

Power Yoga vs. Cardio

At this point, we should be honest. With an intense one-hour cardio session, you will surely lose twice the calories compared to what you will lose in a Power Yoga session. However, Power Yoga feeds your muscles, since it works from the core, working the central muscles, radially, we could say. The development of red muscle fiber is very effective for losing weight, and also promotes metabolism, which in the end is deduced in the burning of a considerable amount of fat.

Power Yoga and Weight Loss: The Ideal Plan

If you are looking to lose weight, get ready to do two to three sessions of Power Yoga a week. If you only do Power Yoga and do not do any work with weight, this discipline will prepare your body and strengthen your muscles so you can lift more weight without injuring yourself. The combination of Power Yoga and cardio is, in fact, an ideal plan to lose weight progressively.



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