Pilates reformer benefits


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The benefits of Pilate’s reformer, the method of exercises performed on this machine designed by Joseph Pilates, lie in the multiple possibilities offered by the device: handling of various resistance levels, working of different muscle groups at the same time and avoiding the impact over joints, mainly. Increasing the power of concentration and stress reduction are side effects of this discipline. In a How we explain in detail what are the benefits of Pilates reformer.

Steps to follow:

1. One of the benefits of Pilates reformer is that the device allows to establish variations in the level of resistance with which it works. This offers great possibilities when it comes to controlling the strength that we want to apply to perform the exercises, depending on our state of form, the objectives that we have set or the degree of demand that we want to give ourselves at a certain moment of the training.

2. The Pilates reformer machine allows us to work several parts of the body at once, for example legs and arms at the same time. As a consequence, the benefits of Pilates reformer are not merely physical, but the fact that we have to coordinate to control the various movements that the device requires, make us constantly work on the ability to concentrate while doing physical exercise, with the consequent stress reduction effect.

3. The physical benefits of a daily practice for half an hour of Pilate’s reformer are the following:

  • PosturalThe shape of the machine makes our posture correct at all times and strengthen the back. We help avoid pain due to bad body posture.
  • More flexibilityand muscular strength. The machine allows you to exercise the muscles more accurately than without it and, by using resistance, we can gain strength
  • Exercise without impact. All these benefits of Pilates reformer will be obtained without the joints having to withstand any force.
  • The work of the muscles will stimulate the return circulation of the blood, which will allow to reduce the appearance of diseases related to poor circulation, one of the great evils of our time.


4. It is highly recommended that when you start working with the Pilates reformer device, you should seek advice from an instructor specialized in this technique, who will be able to take full advantage of the multiple functions of the machine and, on the other hand, will correct any incorrect use that It can be done by ignorance. Precisely, the variety of exercises that can be done in Pilates reformer causes it to be a complex machine and, at first, the work that can be done with it is not very intuitive.

5. People who have not yet started practicing Pilates are preferable to start with the generic Pilates and leave the reformer for later, when they have mastered the technique.



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