How to recover lost muscle mass


Do you want to know how you can gain muscle mass after losing it? This is something that happens frequently and the causes of its origin are several. Why do you lose muscle mass? Well, for an injury, an illness, age or lead a sedentary life. These are the main enemies for your muscles, which can be diminished and altered

Keys to recover lost muscle mass

In general, whatever the origin of the loss of muscle mass, you need to take into account a number of key aspects to recover muscle mass:

  • Take care of your diet.
  • Have a good exercise routine to recover and tone your muscles.
  • Something that is also very important is to maintain a good quality of sleep. Sleeping for about eight hours is vital for you, because that is the time your body needs during the night to regenerate and perform certain processes.

Foods to recover lost muscle mass

Feeding is a fundamental step in the recovery of lost muscle mass, whatever the cause. In that state, your body needs low-fat proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats.

The proportion of these three food groups should be provided by your doctor. we always recommend that you visit a specialist to determine the diagnosis and the appropriate treatment for your situation. In addition, the specialist may indicate a personalized diet to increase muscle mass in women and men.

In general, the foods that will help you most in the recovery of lost muscle mass are these:

  • Proteins in meats and other products of animal origin: lean meats, chicken, eggs and dairy products such as skim milk, low-fat cheeses and yogurt.
  • Proteins in fish: tuna, salmon or sardines are the most recommended, since in addition to proteins, they provide Omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Vegetable proteins: soy, lentils and chickpeas.
  • Spinach, due to its high nitrate content, contributes to muscle toning.
  • Carbohydrates such as potatoes, cassava, oats, rice and wheat pasta (these last two whole grains), allow the body to make better use of energy throughout the day.
  • Avocado and nuts such as nuts, almonds and hazelnuts, in addition to sunflower seeds, are highly recommended for their unsaturated fat content that helps the body function better.

You can also resort to food supplements or nutritional supplements, preferably of natural origin, that provide additional protein, vitamins and minerals.

Something fundamental that you can’t stop doing is eating five times a day. In this way, your body stores less fat and makes better use of the proteins, which are necessary to produce muscle.

How to recover muscle mass lost by age

From the age of forty, the blood vessels gradually lose the ability to bring all the nutrients and oxygen they need to the muscles. The medical term to call the loss of muscle mass is called sarcopenia when it is caused by aging or by leading a sedentary life.

In cases of sarcopenia, you have to eat according to what we have mentioned in the previous section. You must add a physical exercise routine. Exercises with dumbbells and weights, resistance tape, push-ups and the exercise bike are the most recommended for cases like this.

If you need to strengthen your legs because they have suffered loss of muscle mass, it is one of the areas where you lose more quickly, the exercises that can help you the most are squats, climbing stairs or doing stride exercises.

Put yourself in the hands of a medical and sports professional before starting any routine on your own.

How to recover lost muscle mass from weight loss

When you lose weight quickly, either because you have a disease or because you have been on an extreme diet and without an appropriate exercise table, you also run the risk of losing muscle mass.

In this case, you should pay attention to the following exercises to recover the tone in your muscles:

  • Squats to tone legs and buttocks.
  • Iron, abdominal plank or board, to strengthen the abdomen.
  • Push-ups that will help you tone your upper body and all the muscles involved.
  • Strides, because when combined with weights or dumbbells, they will help you tone the muscles of your arms and legs.

In these cases you should consult with a nutritionist or endocrine to prepare the diet according to your situation.

Tips to recover lost muscle mass from diabetes

This is a special case of loss of muscle mass, and is located within the main cases of weight loss due to illness.

Loss of muscle mass is common to occur in patients with type 1 diabetes, when they have not yet received treatment. It also happens to some patients with type 2 diabetes, when they start their treatment and the specialist prepares them a low-calorie carbohydrate diet.

Within the list of foods that help to gain muscle mass, you should keep in mind that for diabetics more specific foods are recommended, such as natural yogurt without sugar. And it is that yogurt helps control glucose thanks to its richness in proteins, vitamins (A, B2, B12 and D) and minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium. This is very favorable for patients with type 2 diabetes. Similarly, you will need to reduce the amount of red meat and lean towards other more favorable sources of protein, such as those provided by white meat.

Physical exercise helps the body process glucose better and, consequently, can lower the dose of insulin supplied.

Recover lost muscle mass from an injury

When you suffer an injury and spend recovery time moving just right, it is normal for you to lose muscle mass. The first recommendation we give you in this case is that you have a lot of patience and have an adequate diet. So you can recover faster, ask your physical therapist or gym monitor to change your exercise routine, adapting it to your circumstances.

Constancy and patience will be your best allies to recover muscle mass in case of injury. Progress may seem very slow, but if you stay persistent, you will see the results. And something very important: comply with the exercises indicated by the specialist.

We hope you have obtained the information you needed to recover lost muscle mass, depending on the cause of it.



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