How to recognize the most vulnerable points of a person


Identifying the most vulnerable points of a person is a great advantage at the time of being attacked, it is very important to know how to attack them using self – defense techniques correctly, here we will explain how you have to recognize the weak points of a person.

Steps to follow:

1. It is very common that the aggressors neglect some points of their body when attacking. We must know how to use this in our favor, not despair and apply the techniques very well to not give opportunity to our aggressor.

2. Here are some techniques using some of the most vulnerable points of people, in situations of aggression.

3. It is important to know that one of the weakest parts of people are the fingers of the hands, at the time of being attacked we must use it in our favor since flexing the fingers of the aggressor to the sides would cause a strong pain, giving us the opportunity to escape.

4. When our aggressor takes us by the neck, which is one of the most common actions, the right thing would be not to exert resistance to it while we go back so that at the most opportune moment we place our index finger on the “Adam’s Nut”, in order to get the attacker back and be able to escape.

5. Using the same example, when you are taken from the neck you can also insert the index finger into the salivary glands under the aggressor’s jaw.

6. When the unsuspecting can be very useful to introduce the fingers in the hair, hold very tightly on the skull of the person with the knuckles of the hand. It is very effective especially in the frontal area of ​​the head.

7. It is practical to combine these techniques with a stomp on the foot of the attacker, this causes severe pain and makes it easy to free ourselves from his grip.

8. The elbow is a very effective defense weapon in a back attack. If the attacker surprises you in the back, you can hit him with the elbow in the body, helping you with the other arm.

9. These techniques are very simple, never forget that the main objective is to escape the site and seek help if necessary. Practicing them is a good way to prepare because we are all in danger of an aggression by a stranger.


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