How to protect yourself when attacked from behind


We are forced to deal with violence all the time. The most frequent victims are women, children and the elderly. Since the assailants generally look for people they consider most vulnerable. Self – defense is any technique that combined with other help that people can react to an action offensive. Techniques of defense is very important since this will allow us to be more prevented from possible aggressions on the public highway.

Steps to follow:

1. One way to surprise yourself is to take your back, when this happens you have to avoid getting out of control since the aggressor can take advantage of the situation.

2. One technique we can use is to pass the left arm over your two arms, wrapping them tightly.

3. Immediately we turn 45 degrees and with the right hand we hit the “stomach mouth” of the aggressor.

4. A blow at the indicated point can cause the aggressive lack of air, it is a very good way to immobilize the opponent in order to escape.

5. Every movement must be accurate and strong. To achieve this it is very good to practice with someone bigger to have the technique incorporated. Also if you are good at these techniques it would be good to combine it with others.

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  • You always have to be alert when we go for a walk. Trust your instinct, if you encounter a suspicious situation, try to escape from that place.
  • Remember that the most important thing is to escape, knowing self-defense does not mean that you should apply all the techniques you know.
  • Although it is inevitable that you fight there, try by all means to avoid them. Remember to be cautious first.
  • Avoid wearing clothes that take away your mobility, having belongings in your hands is also not convenient.
  • On the cell phone it is very good to have some emergency number.


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