How to improve reflexes


The importance of having good reflexes is often underestimated. The truth is that having them can help us avoid serious accidents and improve driving skills. In addition, it also helps us to react effectively when it comes to saving our loved ones and keeping children or the elderly out of danger. It is an essential part of children’s motor development and a skill that they will use throughout their lives.

As an extra advantage, having excellent reflexes is also very useful for sports and for video games, since frequently, winning or losing depends on reactions that must occur in microseconds. The good thing is that if your reflexes are not very good, it is possible to improve them if you propose. Here, we give you the best techniques and tips so you know how to improve reflexes. Go for it!

Take care of your diet

Some foods contribute to improve the reflexes by the nutrients that contribute to the human body and its composition. For example, spinach and eggs are excellent foods for several reasons. On the one hand, they provide the energy needed to practice sports and, therefore, to perform exercises to improve your reflexes. Tiredness is one of the great enemies of reflexes, because it decreases your performance and subtracts the speed you need so that your muscles quickly comply with the orders of the brain.

On the other hand, both eggs and spinach contain high levels of tyrosine, an important amino acid to improve the connection between the brain and muscles. It also helps to activate the adrenaline, necessary to awaken all the mechanisms of your body in emergency situations.

You will feel more awake throughout the day and see how your reflexes sharpen. Also, remember not to skip meals and eat the daily dose of calories your body needs based on your daily activity.

Improve your peripheral vision

On a day-to-day basis, people tend to fix their gaze on a single object or scenario: television, mobile screen, the interlocutor with whom they have a conversation, and so on. To develop excellent reflexes, one of the most important skills is the ability to see what happens in your entire environment, because that way you will have time to react more in advance.

To achieve this, you just have to improve your peripheral vision. In this way, you will have a 180º field of view and you will perceive movements outside the object in which you have your eyes focused. To have excellent peripheral vision and improve your reflexes, follow these tips:

  • Look through a windowand concentrate your vision on some object or person. Gradually, look at everything that surrounds that object / person without looking away from him / her. Carrying out this exercise daily, your visual field will grow.
  • When you go for a walk or drive the car, take care of the objects that are around youand look at their characteristics: colors, brands, logos and labels.
  • He practices martial arts, since his disciplines are based on many techniques that increase reflexes and peripheral vision.

Peripheral vision will be of great help if you want to improve driving reflexes. Reacting quickly in the car depends, to a large extent, on being aware of everything that happens around us and with other drivers.

Improve reflexes with video games

Video games are a good way to train and improve reflexes. Many require a very high speed thought-action relationship to succeed by using the console controls. They provide stimuli and force a great connection between sight, brain and hands. Any of them can help you learn how to improve reflexes with video games, but choose a level of difficulty that suits your abilities, but you will get frustrated very quickly and not have fun.

Role-playing games are an excellent type of video game to improve reflexes, as it requires you to constantly make decisions. Others such as action and shooting are also perfect to improve response time and motor coordination. Of course, remember to play with responsibility and in short intervals of time.

If you want to have better reflexes to be more skilled in video games, do hand exercises such as juggling, play musical instruments or practice racket sports such as tennis can be very useful to fine-tune the coordination between your brain and your hands, as well as to improve motor independence between both hands.

Sports practice

There are many sports practices that help improve reflexes due to their speed of play. Martial artstennis and table tennis are good examples. Racket sports require reacting quickly to return the ball to the opponent and, at the same time, win the point. Coordinating the movement of the ball, regulating the power with which the racket hits and directing it to the desired area of ​​the opposite field implies a whole series of decisions to be taken in tenths of a second.

Running outdoors is also another way to exercise and, at the same time, improve reflexes. To achieve this, it is enough to change the route with some frequency so as not to control the possible obstacles on the road. Finding them without warning and overcoming them in a few seconds is a good method to increase your reaction capacity.

Sleep well

Rest is essential to obtain the maximum performance of the organism. The body is not a machine: just as it needs to be fed correctly, it also needs to rest. It is vital to respect the recommended sleep hours to squeeze out its full potential.

Sleeping 8 hours during the night (or an interval of 7 to 9) is a guarantee of good rest and, consequently, a speed of reflexes higher than you would have if you sleep less hours. On the days that it is not possible for you to accomplish it for work or other personal matters, it is advisable to take a nap after eating to balance the accumulated sleep and perform better in the remaining hours of the day.

Maintain full awareness and wake up

To abstract yourself from your thoughts and other distractions to focus exclusively on what you see around you for a few minutes helps to improve reflexes. In other words, mindfulness is what is commonly referred to as putting the mind blank.



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