How to get rid of a strangulation


It is important mainly for women, to know some techniques to free yourself from a strangulation so that if at any time they try to attack us, we know how to react. This is very common in our society. Many times with the minimum of strength we can save ourselves from assaults, acts of vandalism or rape.

Steps to follow:

1. Avoid showing vulnerability to a strangulation of an aggressor, since he can take advantage of the situation. Keep in mind that these people only seek to harm us, the blows must be with the maximum force that we can apply.

2. Creating the habit of practicing is important because through this we can incorporate this technique to free you from a strangulation and gain confidence. The practice must be strong to be useful, since the aggressor will be rude.

3. One of the most lethal forms of attack is strangulation, so it is very important to know how to defend against this technique.

4. What you have to do first is to counteract the aggressor’s strength, this is achieved by defending your neck with both hands, placing them on his arm, and you must drop the weight of your body on his arm. These techniques prevent strangulation, no matter how hard you try.

5. After freeing yourself from a strangulation you have to take a step back with your right foot leaving the subject’s leg behind yours, when it is firm you must turn the center of gravity towards the front without letting go of your arm leaving your opponent in a position of much imbalance.

6. Taking advantage of the imbalance of the person, you must sweep his leg to escape.

7. After the subject is on the ground, you can combine some kick to destabilize it and gain more time. Getting rid of a strangulation is not complicated, but remember to run away as soon as you can.

8. xThe important thing that you have to keep in mind to free yourself from a strangulation, is to practice a lot in order to gain more confidence and have firmness in the movements.



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