How to get 10,000 steps done daily


Practice ‘power walking’ and join the challenge of walking every day that will improve your cardiovascular health and help you lose weight

As harmful as smoking or following a diet high in fat and sugar is sedentary life. This is what the World Health Organization (WHO) indicates, which emphasizes that lack of physical activity is one of the main risk factors for health . The entity also dismantles myths: it emphasizes that exercising does not have to be expensive, it can be done anywhere and at many times throughout the day, and notes that walking – just spend 30 minutes a day –  is the sport more practiced and recommended and also will not cost you a single euro.

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The power walking is the modernized version of a walk with rhythm, perfect discipline to protect your cardiovascular health, you can practice whatever your years and also will provide psychological benefits as mitigate tensions and stoke your creativity. Ideally, for it to be effective, you walk 10,000 steps a day – approximately 8 km -, as indicated by medical entities such as the American Heart Association.

The 10,000 step challenge

At the beginning, without stress. It will depend on the pace of your stride, but on average, performing 10,000 steps can take between one hour and 90 minutes. If you are little accustomed to exercising and just turning the block two times you lose your breath, it is almost certain that proposing first time to spend so much time on the walk will lead you – almost certainly – to failure. Better than during the first and second week of practice your goal is to walk between 20 minutes and half an hour on alternate days. You can distribute those minutes during the day and take advantage, for example, of the journeys to work.

A step counter, your ally. Through the smartphone and with gadgets such as a wristband to measure activity or a pedometer you can see the walking distance you have traveled throughout the day. With applications such as Runtastic or Accupedo you can get the result of your advances in the practice of power walking and thus monitor your progress in this challenge or, on the contrary, you are missing physical activity.

Supported tasks while you are on the phone with your mother, changing a coffee with a friend for a walk, closing mobile work arrangements in hand at the office and going up and down stairs you can increase the number of kilometers you do daily. Detect any opportunity to get rid of the yoke of the chair and sofa and thus add steps to your day to day.

More intense activity when you have been involved in the challenge for a week, you must be prepared to give more stride to your strides. Walk as if you were in a hurry and try to do it for half an hour for at least 4 days of the week.

Your family, involved. In addition to being good for you, walking outdoors and making an exit to the mountain is a perfect plan to enjoy as a couple or if you have children. Adopting habits such as hiking makes the little ones aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and, in addition, it will be perhaps the biggest motivation for you: what better than to activate in the company of those that matter most to you.

Rewards walks. Congratulate yourself for adopting this healthy habit, as well as for the physical improvements that you are going to experience, such as more physical resistance and less muscle pain, among others. Recognizing everyday efforts will help you, not only to strengthen your self-esteem, but to stand firm in order to meet this healthy challenge every day.

Your legs as a means of transport. If you live in a big city, you may come and go from work with public transportation. One recommendation is to get off one or two stops before yours and walk to your destination. This will make you accumulate steps and minutes on foot. It also allows you to disconnect for a while before entering work.

Set out to discover new places. From your city or town there are many roads you can go to walk and discover. Try to go tomorrow or an afternoon for a long walk and discover those places. They can be mountain roads, promenades or through the center of the city, any place is valid in order to walk a few hours.

Your dog will be your faithful companion.  A companion animal, like a dog, will force you to take him for a walk since he needs to move a lot every day. If you already have one, do not forget to take long walks, throughout your neighborhood, through the mountains, along the beach for dogs. He will always want to accompany you on your long walks and will not get tired.


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