How to defend against a weapon attack


In an extreme situation such as being attacked at gunpoint, with some weapon white or some sharp object, often it causes us fear, makes us nervous and react uncontrollably. This is not the best way, but many times being prepared creates a certain confidence in ourselves. The defense is simple and effective, without any very elaborate or exhibitionist technique. Having knowledge of personal defense does not make us experts, it does not allow us to leave unscathed from an aggression or a street fight. We must be cautious and remember that even people with more experience or better prepared have their restrictions.       

Steps to follow:

1. When you are threatened with a firearm, the most important thing is to remain calm and for nothing in the world to show fear. Once we control our emotions, the situation will be simpler.

2.The first thing you should do is find a way to take his hand where the weapon is so that it is placed outside the range of the shot.

3. Once the weapon can be controlled, hold it tightly, it is important to remain calm and apply a lot of force. You should twist the same one facing the wrist of the aggressor.

4. In conjunction with step 3 you must press down on the finger that catches the trigger, this can cause a fracture of the aggressor’s finger with the weapon.

5. At the same time that the weapon is twisted and you press your finger you must go back a few steps to stay out of the attacker’s grip range.

6. As a last step, the weapon must be removed and placed under our control.


  • It is essential that you remember that these situations are of maximum danger in which the attacker would not mind hurting you, killing you; although in most cases these are people who only want your money. Generally they get what they want and leave without hurting anyone. In these cases, being demure is the most beneficial. It is preferable to lose money, a vehicle, or some other material belonging, than to lose one’s life or end up with severe consequences.



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