How much muscle you can gain in a month – discover how many kilos you can gain in the gym


Most people who sign up for the gym do so in the hopes of seeing big changes in their body. Often, the expectations we have are unrealistic, we expect great changes right away and we don’t stop to think that our body needs a process to gain muscle. Many people leave the gym frustrated by growth that they fail to observe, and the results are never immediate and require effort.

The amount of muscle that can be gained depends on many factors as different as diet, the time we have been training, the training routine we follow or the genetics itself. However, from the large number of studies that have been carried out regarding the ability we have to gain muscle we can say the average in which a person increases their muscle mass. Do you want to know what it is? In the next article we explain how much muscle you can gain in a month.

What influences to gain more muscle

As we have explained, there are different factors that influence when it comes to gaining more or less muscle. Obviously, the training routine that is followed is essential, as is the diet. Assuming that you meet these two requirements, below we will explain what are the factors that can make the increase in muscle mass more or less:

If you are newbie or experienced

In those people who begin to train, it is much more normal that the gains that occur in the first symptoms are much higher than in those people who have been training for years. This is because, as the muscle adapts, the rate at which it grows slows down.

beginner man can gain about 6.8 kg in 6 months, that is, 1.1 per month. While among beginner women, this gain is around 3.54 kg in 6 months or 0.56 kg per month.

Athletes who have been in the gym for some time lifting weight should lower their expectations regarding muscle gain, since this growth progression is completely unassuming. In fact, after 3 years it is very normal for the person to suffer a stagnation, however, it can be reversed by changing the training style and the diet to follow. In the next section we will explain how much weight you can gain per month depending on the years of training you carry.

Depending on the genetics

Genetics is quite decisive for muscle growth. This means that it influences both the speed in which we gain muscle and the maximum growth we can achieve. Different studies have shown that, with a sample of different people grouped by sex and age criteria, using the same training and diet could have great similarities or large differences in muscle gain.

How much muscle mass can be gained in a month

  • The first yearof training you have a potential gain of 10 to 12 kg of muscle per year, that is, 8 to 1 kg per month.
  • The second yearof training you have a potential gain of 4 to 6 kg of muscle a year that is, a month.
  • The third yearof training you have a potential gain of 2 to 3 kg of muscle a year that is, a month.
  • The fourth yearof training you have a potential gain of 1 to 2 kg of muscle a year that is, a month.

How much weight can you gain in a month?

Many people wonder how much weight they can gain in a month. This is really a wrong question, since the weight can increase in different ways, and some of them are not satisfactory. Among these possibilities are gaining weight in fat or retaining liquids. That is, we can go to the gym doing routines to increase muscle, but not all the weight we gain has to be muscular benefit, but it may be liquid or fat. This is a trap that many beginners usually fall into.

A quick way to know if the weight we gain contains fat or is pure muscle is to measure the weight we have month to month. If you gain more than 1.8 kilos per month there is no doubt that not everything is muscular. That is why it is recommended to measure body fat on a regular basis to know how this growth is taking place. You should know that it is almost inevitable not to gain some fat, in fact, this is not bad. The problem is when that amount is excessive, at which time you should change your diet.




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