How long does it take to grow muscle?


Getting to exercise to achieve the ideal weight is one of the most recurring goals when we do not feel comfortable with our body. However, maintaining good health and achieving the image we want entails certain sacrifices both in the kitchen and in the gym.

Whether you want to lose weight or develop your muscles, the formula to follow is very similar: you must do sports constantly and follow a good diet that allows you to perform properly in the gym. Now, if you do not know how long it takes to grow the muscle and how to make it grow in less time, do not stop reading the following article, Here we explain everything you should know. Are you ready?

How long it takes to grow the muscle and what it depends on

Getting the volume of your muscles to grow is a task that requires perseverance and a lot of patience. Many people sign up for a gym and pretend to get it in a couple of weeks, but if you wonder how long it takes to start gaining muscle mass, you should know that even if your physique is prodigious, the process will be long.

From the fifth or sixth week, the body begins to adapt to the change in diet and workouts, so that by the end of the second month you will begin to see the most notable changes.

However, we must bear in mind that there are many factors that condition muscle gain: genetics, a good diet that is rich in protein and is well balanced, adequate training planned with specialists and even adequate rest for the body assimilate physical work and food.

Does it take the same to grow the gluteus muscle, leg or arm?

Muscle growth also varies depending on the area of ​​the body, as there are people who have a more common problem than they imagine: they develop the biceps and the rest of the muscles of the upper body train in a relatively short period of time. , while the lower train does not change so quickly. The consequences? The proportions of the body are completely decompensated.

If this has happened to you, don’t worry, it has a logical explanation and a simple solution. What happens in these cases is that people tend to focus on exercises that make the upper body muscles work more than the lower body muscles, leaving slower evolution to parts of the body such as the buttocks or legs.

Although the arms, shoulders and back are the most visible parts of the body and those that we often want to start changing, it is important to complete a workout that touches all areas of the body.

How long does it take to grow muscle with protein

Once again, each body is different and depending on the feeding and training hours that each person dedicates, the answer will be one or the other. There is no stipulated time, but we do know that taking protein to gain muscle mass makes the muscle take much less time to grow.

In only two months you will notice great changes in your body, although these will also depend on the supplements in question that your nutritionist has indicated, the food routine you carry and your daily training. Keep in mind that supplements are a booster, not a substitute.

It is also important to know that there are two types of protein: that of plant origin and that of animal origin. If your health and your preferences allow it, the combination of both will be essential to achieve the proposed goal, as they contain different amino acids, all of them vital for muscle development.

How long does it take to gain 1 kg of muscle

Knowing that gaining muscle is a task that requires a lot of patience and perseverance, if the goal is for growth to be one kilogram of muscle mass, the time interval required will not be days or weeks. As we have commented previously, after two months some changes begin to be noticed, but it will not be until the fifth month (approximately) when you will be able to appreciate a substantial evolution.

The gain of muscle mass in a year can reach 10-12 kilos (on specific occasions), so to gain 1 kilo of muscle in the overall calculation of the body you need, at least, about a month. Obviously, it is not a mathematical formula and will depend on many factors, but if the planned training plans and appropriate diets are met, they are affordable figures to achieve.

How much muscle you can gain in 2 months

The highest potential muscle gain is given to each person at the beginning of workouts. As time goes by, muscle growth capabilities decrease. If in the first year you can reach 10-12 kilos of muscle growth, in 2 months the range you can reach is between 1.6 and 2 kilos.

You should keep in mind that in the following years the evolution will be much slower. In the second year, for example, your muscles can grow between 0.8 and one kilo in two months and, in the third year, half a kilo every two months.



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