Diet to gain muscle mass


Many thin people feel uncomfortable with their weight deficit, however, there are those who although at the ideal weight want to improve their appearance by increasing the size of their muscles. In both cases, a coherent and effective diet plan is required to provide the necessary nutrients for the muscles to grow and generate the much desired change.

So if you are looking for a diet to gain muscle mass, keep reading this article we propose a perfect diet for what you are looking for.

Why it is beneficial to increase muscle mass

Wanting to gain muscle without gaining weight, that is to increase muscle mass but not body fat, is not just an aesthetic issue. From the beginning of adulthood and up to 70 years, 40 percent of muscle mass is lost due to the decrease in the fibers that compose it. Muscles play an important role in the process of burning calories, in fact, they burn more calories than fat (even while resting), so the combination of regular exercise with weight and a diet rich in protein will keep your body in tune. To compensate for this loss of tissue, while maintaining calories for longer. Therefore, the combination of proper nutrition and exercise to gain muscle mass at home or in the gym is something vital to achieve this goal.

According to experts in fitness nutrition the idea is to consume more calories and better quality. In this sense, some of these experts recommend increasing daily intake between 300 and 500 calories more than daily requirements if you want to increase muscle mass. So, in order to achieve healthy your goal of increasing muscle, you must follow a diet to gain muscle mass.

Essential nutrients to gain muscle mass

If you want to increase muscle mass quickly, these are the nutrients that should be included in the diet designed to achieve it, since its properties and functions will help us in this goal:

  • Proteins:proteins are macronutrients that directly impact the growth and regeneration of muscle tissue, so their consumption is essential in a diet to gain muscle mass. Lean meats, fish, eggs, skim milk, Greek yogurt and cheese are the most popular protein foods, but beans, lentils, soy milk, white beans and chickpeas are also high in protein. .
  • Unsaturated fats: theyhelp metabolize adipose tissue, also be a source of energy and allow fat-soluble vitamins to reach our body. Nuts, olives, avocado, olive, corn, sunflower and soybean oils, as well as avocado, are foods rich in unsaturated fats.
  • Carbohydrates:to gain muscle mass requires intense training and carbohydrates give the body the energy it requires to meet those physical demands. Rice, pasta, potatoes, fruits, wheat flour and bread are some of the most popular sources of carbohydrates.
  • Antioxidants:its function, among others, is to prevent cellular deterioration due to the effect of free radicals, as well as to promote the recovery and regeneration of cellular tissue in the muscles. Berries, broccoli, green tea, tomatoes, garlic, bitter chocolate, carrots and grapes are some of the foods that contain them the most.

What diet to follow to increase muscle mass

It is very healthy and advisable to eat between 5 and 6 times a day, for this reason, in this diet that we propose we will offer you the possibility of distributing the amount of daily food in 5 times throughout the day. The diet options to gain muscle mass that you will find below represent a daily consumption of about 2500 calories. Now that you know what foods increase muscle mass and what you can consume, you can make variations so you don’t get bored:

Menu 1

  • Breakfast:a piece of fruit with a tablespoon of yogurt and three of granola (mixture of cereals and nuts), a ranch egg with half a cup of natural tomato sauce, a corn tortilla with a tablespoon of olive oil.
  • Lunch:a cup of dark chocolate ice cream and a small cereal bar.
  • Food:a cup of pasta soup, two tortillas, a baked potato with a tablespoon of grated cheese, a green leafy salad with a quarter cup of chopped nuts and two tablespoons of vinaigrette and a dessert flan.
  • Snack:four crackers with cream cheese.
  • Dinner:two portions of vegetarian pizza and a banana.

Menu 2

  • Breakfast:oatmeal or cereal flakes with skim milk or almonds, toasts with olive oil and ham, tea or coffee with milk and brown sugar or honey. A piece of fruit.
  • Lunch:natural fruit juice, infusion or coffee with milk sweetened with honey, toasts with jam and butter or peanut butter, tuna sandwich with lettuce, a portion of nuts (whatever fits in the palm of the hand).
  • Food:legumes with potatoes, rice or pasta, cooked eggs or meat of choice, a portion of salad with olive oil, a piece of cheese or dessert of your choice, bread and coffee or infusion.
  • Snack:repeat the same as the morning.
  • Dinner:vegetable cream or vegetable soup with potatoes, cooked fish of choice with potatoes or rice, a piece of bread to accompany and for dessert a curd with honey.

This or any other diet to gain muscle mass must be accompanied by adequate hydration and specific training. It is advisable to go to a nutritionist who supports adequate calorie intake to achieve this goal according to the age, gender and physical condition of each.



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