Benefits of circuit training


Do you want to start training by circuit? If you are thinking of doing sports in this way, we already anticipate that well done, it offers many benefits for health and fitness. It is an increasingly demanded type of physical activity that offers performing exercises sequentially and the possibility of alternating the exercise of different muscle groups in a single session. Of course, to achieve the desired objectives, you must follow guidelines adapted to your specific needs. In this article, we show you all the benefits of circuit training.

Steps to follow:

1. Normally, circuit training programs usually consist of 9 to 12 weight stations, prepared to work different muscle groups. In each of the stations, between 8 and 15 repetitions are performed, short breaks are taken not exceeding 30 seconds. Weights are usually used with loads between 40 and 60% of your capacity, an acceptable weight to be able to do all the desired repetitions. Depending on your physical condition, you can repeat the circuit up to 3 times. In some cases, stations that allow aerobic exercise can also be incorporated into the circuit, such as exercising on treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical, etc.

2.Circuit training is very effective in improving muscle strength, that is, you will enhance your ability to be stronger. Thanks to the high number of repetitions and the moderate weight load, circuit training will improve your strength almost without realizing it. Once you get stronger over time, you can opt for a gradual rise in load or also increase the weight to a greater extent and decrease repetitions to get more obvious results.

3. With this type of circuit training, you will increase your level of muscular endurance. Performing these exercises each week will enhance your ability to carry out muscular activity for a longer period of time. The resistance dictates the number of push-ups you can do in a row or the number of flight sections you can climb before you are tired. You can do a maximum of 20 repetitions in each training station, with little rest and, thus, you will force the muscles to work despite the fatigue and you will be able to increase the resistance.

4. In addition, with this type of training the percentage of lost body fat is greatly improved, and this is due to the burning of calories and the increase in muscle mass. This increase in muscle keeps burning calories even at rest. To get the best results, it is recommended to start a circuit training a couple of times a week and then add two more sessions as resistance and strength increase. With a gradual increase in the load, you will get a continuous improvement of your physical appearance.

5. And finally, one of the most interesting benefits of circuit training is that it saves time. It is much more effective since it is planned, and although it is done in a shorter time does not mean that it is less effective. The improvements you get will be the same as during an exercise of more than 50 minutes. In addition, you can do it anywhere and without special material.



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