Benefits of aerial Pilates


Pilates is a method created in the 20s of last century by Joseph H. Pilates. It consists of a set of exercises that aim to train both the body and the mind, increasing the ability to balance and helping to tone our body. In addition, mental concentration is increased and relaxation techniques are learned very useful not only for the practice of this discipline, but for day to day.

The exercises that are part of this method are anaerobic, that is, they are not aimed at burning calories, but strengthening body structures such as muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. From this discipline, different variants have been developed that include the use of different tools. Here we discover one of them: the aerial Pilates. Read on to discover all the benefits of aerial Pilates.

What is aerial Pilates or airplanes

If you wonder what is the airplanes or aerial Pilates you should know that it is also based on the same six principles that make up the original Pilates and that are defined as concentration, fluidity, control, breathing, precision and center. The latter refers to the central part of the body formed by the muscles of the abdomen and those of the back. By strengthening it, a greater balance is achieved.

It is also composed of a group of exercises that stand out for their slowness, smoothness and precision. Thanks to the use of a swing made from a hammock with two arms and three grips in each one, it allows certain movements to be made and certain positions that cannot be carried out on the ground or with machines, being necessary the partial suspension or Total to get benefit from them.

How long do air Pilates sessions last

In general they last approximately one hour. It is preferable at 45 minutes, since in this way the three parts that make up each complete session can be developed in an appropriate way. First you start with a warm-up to avoid any type of injury, then continue with the main exercises that make up the class and to which they are specifically directed and, finally, end with the relaxation exercises.

During the part that groups the main exercises, you will work by different muscle groups. In addition, the use of the swing allows them to perform in up to three different types of intensity, so it does not matter the physical form or rhythm to start practicing this discipline. Everything is adaptable to the age and conditions of each.

Physical benefits of aerial Pilates

Aerial Pilates provides a lot of body benefits. Thanks to its exercises based mainly on strength and body control, flexibility and agility are increased , better posture is achieved , defined and toned, also reducing body weight and strengthening both the back and abdominal area .

We must also take into account other physical benefits that may not be as obvious, but also introduce improvements in health. For example, it fights muscle aches and contractures, helps improve blood circulation, provides a lymphatic draining effect and also reduces the risk of developing osteoporosis while maintaining bone density.

Emotional and mental benefits of airplanes

The physical advantages of practicing this discipline are not only important. So are those benefits directed towards the emotional and mental part? After attending the first sessions of aerial Pilates , an improvement in mood will be noticed, since the control of emotions begins to be achieved, gradually approaching emotional balance .

greater capacity for concentration is also achieved, which affects certain mental aspects such as medium and long-term memory, favoring brain connections. In general, it is a discipline that reduces both emotional and physical tensions.

Pilates exercises aerial

There are several aerial Pilate’s exercises, but one of the most common is the so-called basic turn, directed towards beginners. It consists of clinging to the arms of the swing and, making strength with the muscles of the abdomen and arms, gradually raising the legs, imitating a horse. In this way the force will be increased until the legs are fully raised and held in the air only with the trunk and arms supported on the swing.

Another widely used exercise is the basic triceps exercise, which serves to begin to gain firmness in this muscle while toning. For this, the arms of the swing are held with both hands and the body is tilted forward, without moving the legs and fixing the whole body with the abdominal muscles, only by moving the arms, focusing on the movement of the triceps.



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