And the best time to go jogging is…


The best time to go jogging varies according to your goals. However, there are hours that will help you create a routine and not leave it.

Going for a run or becoming a real runner has become fashionable. It is considered one of the most complete exercises. It improves blood circulation and breathing, increases physical strength and is a constant release of endorphins. You do not need to spend a large amount of money just equip yourself with sportswear and footwear appropriate for the race, preferably with cushioning.

When you are ready to go jogging it is convenient that you decide what time you are going to do it. Actually there is no indicated time and everything will depend on the obligations of each. Except for the night, which can affect the quality of your sleep, all slots have their benefits. Therefore, choosing it will depend on your preferences.

Going for a run in the morning will help you to be constant and not abandon it easily. It is difficult to have an unexpected meeting at this time so there will be no excuses for you to put on your shoes and start the day exercising. In addition, it will give you the energy you need to face the day in a good mood. It is not advisable to do it on an empty stomach. You can have an apple and a toast of bread with turkey or ham so that your body receives the glucose it needs.

During the afternoon our body is in full swing. It is the ideal time to do high intensity sports, such as running, and get the best benefits. In addition, relax and combat the accumulated stress during the day. It is also harder to get injured.

In general, it is not advisable to practice intense exercise late at night. Although doing sports is good for your health and to better fall asleep, doing it at the last minute can activate the metabolism and the adrenaline discharge will affect the circadian rhythm so we could sleep worse


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