9 situations in which you should not exercise


Sport improves health, but there are exceptions to the rule. In the cases below, moving can be counterproductive.

You know well that exercise is fuel for your physical and emotional health. However, there are times or situations in which, no matter how hungry you are from sports, the smartest decision you can make is to slow down the pace of training and choose not to exercise. A common case: when your body notifies you with symptoms that you are overtraining.

In addition, you must prioritize certain situations or attend to certain ailments rather than the practice of physical exercise. These are the best excuses – justified – to escape from the gym.

  1. You have slept badly. As unconditional as you are of morningophilefever, do not put the desire to wear sports shoes first thing in the morning to guarantee between 7 and 9 hours of sleep. Apply the same rule if you have been dragging fatigue all day and doubt whether or not the exercise suits you. Playing sports without having slept well will overload you, increase fatigue and can expose you to injury.
  2. You suffer severe pain in the lower back. Low back pain is a common disorder, which is greatly influenced by the general tendency to sit, walk and stand in inappropriate postures. Although overcoming it goes through the practice of physical exercise, when the discomfort is strong it is better that you choose to rest so that it does not go further. After recovering, always avoid sports such as runningand get into power walking, since the first one – as well as all the disciplines that involve running or jumping – has a greater impact on the joints that can make the discomfort worse.
  3. You have had alcohol. It is not advisable to drink alcohol both before and after physical exercise. Combining the two habits impairs the synthesis of the proteins that are involved in muscle gain and repair after activity, according to research by the Australian Catholic University.
  4. You have been proposed a good plan. You may have a military discipline when it comes to going to the gym. And it is very good that you uncheck yourself from the popular mass that gives the fee. But balance the moments you dedicate to sport and socialize. If you think about it, your priority scale is sure to be spearheaded in order to devote time to those that matter to you.
  5. You are injured or have a wound. A fracture, contracture or a simple cut may take time to heal or heal well if you exercise the body parts where these discomforts have appeared. Leave the desire to train if you do not want them to get worse.
  6. Your nose, eyes or nostrils are inflamed. If you have contracted an otitis, sinusitis or conjunctivitis you should avoid swimming or playing sports such as aqua gym. Water is one of the factors that can favor infections such as these on the skin and mucous membranes.
  7. You have a fever. A high temperature of your body, means that it is fighting an infection and therefore it is not convenient for your body to perform another activity that can make it worse or not recover in the best way. Although physical exercise improves the immune system, when you have a fever it is better to stay at home and not put at risk that your body will become dehydrated or make unnecessary efforts.
  8. During pregnancy. Physical exercise is advisable in pregnancy as long as it was done before and the pre-pregnancy physical condition was good. For the rest of mortals, high-speed exercise is totally inadvisable for women who expect a baby. Even so, there are other types of activities suitable for all pregnant women, much softer such as Pilates, yoga or going for a walk. Although at all times you have to watch for excess exercise and fatigue at this stage of a woman’s life.
  9. After suffering a cerebral contusion. A bruise of this type is a wound in the brain, which can be more or less serious, yet you should not perform physical exercise until your doctor allows it, otherwise that injury or internal injury can get worse.


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