8 tips for this year to go to the gym


Did you just sign up for a gym? Here the keys for you to go regularly (and do not give the fee).

It is one of the most topical – and typically unfulfilled – good intentions, with which you assert that this year yes that you will do sports with constancy and even enthusiasm. But, oh-oh… January vanishes and you take over any excuse that keeps you away from the gym. You need to find the motivation to go gym. With the task of curbing those alibis and transforming the purpose into habit, experts reveal the best tips for beginners in the gym. And it gives good news, since to adhere to these recommendations and obtain results you will need little time: “Usually, in a month – in about 8 or 10 sessions – changes are noticeable: you feel better – not only the aesthetic factor – you are more active, you manage stress better and you favor a good rest.

  1. Set yourself a goal, not a purpose

Do not access a sports club simply for a good purpose linked to the New Year. You have to have a clear objective to get the motivation to go to the gym: for example, lose weight, and go check if it is met. In the medium and long term, you can look for another motivating element – which is often the result of training – such as the fact of resting better.


  1. Before you go, you better get checked

A stress test or an analytical will help you see which exercise suits you best and guide the sports professional who assists you. Medical checkups are always recommended for beginners, but would be mandatory especially after 45.


  1. Start without hurry

Apply the saying dress me slowly I am in a hurry. That is, even if the hyper motivation of the new course invades you, you don’t want to try many things at once to get fast results. The processes of improvement through exercise are progressive and the body has to be given time to adapt. Start at the most, going two or three days a week and training approximately 40 minutes.


  1. Follow the professional advice

If you do not have any experience always put yourself in the hands of a professional, such as a personal trainer, the technician of the fitness room or the directed activities. You will be more controlled and will guide the exercise according to your objectives.


  1. Exercise in vogue is not always convenient

Many times people adhere to fashion or training that a friend does, but who is an expert. We must observe our own objectives and needs and seek balance. I advise strength training for beginners. It does not mean that we start to lift weight, we can do it with elastic bands. Without force there is no movement and without movement you cannot perform activities such as swimming, running or dancing. It is also needed to avoid injuries.


  1. Combine different exercises

Ideally, do a little of everything to not get bored and discover what you like best. In the case of Dir. Clubs, I advise to start classes that combine cardio and strength such as Dtotal body, Tonify yourself or Body pump – the latter, it must be done taking very little weight at the beginning.


  1. Socialize

When a person begins, it is advisable to do so with targeted activities, since social contact always motivates to return to sports.


  1. Use the agenda

I recommend setting a few days a week on the agenda to go to the gym, as if it were any other obligation. Planning the time spent on training is important, especially for those who still do not consider it a necessity.


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