8 golden rules to have a flat stomach


It is not necessary to always be on a diet to have a flat stomach, it is enough that you moderate (much) the consumption of these foods.

In the book Plan detox for lazy people we find the guidelines to have a body 10 without having to make too much diet.

1. No to prepared dishes
why? Because they are full of salt, fats, sugars and preservatives.

  1. No to alcohol
    Why? Because your liver is that it cannot more than so many mojitos and that is translucent in a dull complexion, a white tongue and a pasty mouth. Alcohol contains a lot of sugar.

    3. No to tobacco
    Why? Just read the warnings included in the package. Tobacco is the opposite of purification. Lead, arsenic, cyanide, etc., not forgetting carbon monoxide, which deprives the body of oxygen. If you have trouble quitting, try to limit yourself to three cigarettes a day and smoke only the essentials. We have written a lot about quitting smoking.

    4. No to fried
    Forget about French fries, battered meat or nuggets: these products leave the body with an overload that accumulates so much in the arteries.

    5. No to candy
    Candies, chocolate bars? All these products cause an overload of glucose in the body and fatigue the liver. They provide us with an ephemeral rise in energy and do not take away hunger.

    6. No to pastries and pastries
    Packed with sugar and fat: forget about them.

    7. No to foods too rich in protein
    try not to eat too many steaks, tenderloins and sausages. The meat should be consumed to accompany the vegetable and not vice versa. Its proteins introduce many toxins into the digestive system and fatigue the kidneys. It is preferable to opt for birds and fish.

    8. Not to meals with too many dairy products
    we are not calves, but adult mammals. Moderate the intake of whole milk and cheeses. Try the vegetable milks, they are delicious.


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