7 false myths about yoga


Yoga has penetrated our western society for years. But some myths are also accompanied by this globalization. We reveal them to you.

  1. Yoga is a sequence of impossible postures: False. Practicing yoga does not only mean performing these postures, called asanas. This discipline goes much further. He pays special attention to breathing, concentration and active listening of the body. Yoga is more a philosophy of life than an exercise program.
  2. It serves to lose weight: If your goal is to lose weight, it is better to do another type of exercise such as cycling, running or swimming. Yoga was not designed to burn calories but to achieve a better physical and mental condition.
  3. It is for hippies or modern: Here is a prejudiced way of understanding this discipline. And, unfortunately, there are many people who think that only hippies, alternative, famous or modern practice it because it is fashionable. In India it has been used as a method to improve health since hundreds of years before Christ. They have practiced all kinds of people regardless of their condition or ideology.
  4. I will reach nirvana: You will achieve greater well-being. But from there to achieve absolute happiness? It is true that breathing control and meditation help us feel better and relax. But do not expect miracles and much less in the first classes as it could disappoint you.
  5. It should be practiced with music and incense: This is another mistake probably due to the globalization of this practice. Yoga is a work with oneself that requires concentration. Music can be distracting, as well as speaking during postures. And this distraction can cause damage. It is not necessary to listen to relaxing music or to inhale the aroma of incense.
  6. Yoga is practiced in the morning: You can practice yoga at any time of the day. While it is true that it is recommended to do it in the morning to wake the body.
  7. It should be practiced with specific clothes: The only thing that yoga experts recommend is that you practice it with comfortable clothes and natural fabrics to be able to be. Trends such as practicing naked yoga or with certain types of tights or leotards, are just that, fashions.



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