5 questions you ask yourself about the gym


We answer some of the questions you ask when y want to play sports in a gym.

  1. Is it better near home or work?
    It depends on the time you want to go and the frequency. Near work it becomes easier to train immediately before or after the office, even taking advantage of lunch time. Having it close to home is good if you plan to go on weekends. If you are going to move by car, check first how it is parked and how the traffic is in the surroundings.

    2. Contract with a personal trainer?
    Having an expert to monitor and correct your mistakes every moment improves your performance. It also helps that you do not falter and that you exercise almost as a police officer when, exhausted, you exclaim that “I can no more”. But you must be disciplined with your assistance to the gym if you want to amortize the investment, dedicate a budget and you will see, that in the end, “yes you can”.

    3. What if I take a shower when I get home?
    Well, it’s not a bad idea. When training, your body increases in temperature. Then the organism starts the perspiration mechanism to avoid overheating. When you stop, it cools slowly. A quick shower as soon as you finish will not stop sweating and you can see yourself, 20 minutes later, showered and soaked with sweat again.

    4. Do you compensate for low cost?
    The phenomenon of low-priced gyms has come to respond to an important part of the market that demanded a place to exercise but could not assume the fees of other more expensive centers. If you are looking for a basic package of machines and classes it is your choice. In case you want a water zone, heated pool, beauty salon, towel washing service or very innovative classes, you will have to look for a more expensive alternative.

    5. Why not lose weight?
    To lose weight you have to eat fewer calories than you burn. One of the beginner’s mistakes is to realize the old calories burned with the figures published in the press and apply them. In a spin class you can burn 300 to 500 calories, depending on the intensity of pedaling and your own bulkiness. But every minute you stop or relax, they are fewer calories than you burn. The second mistake is to eat more with the excuse that “I have already burned it in the gym.” The bad news is that as soon as you overdo it, you’re going to go over it. An example: a third of beer is 132 calories. A mixed sandwich, 404 cal. Do the math.


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