10 strategies to stop worrying


What can I do to stop worrying and start living? How can I learn to live quietly? We give you several strategies to achieve it.

This is the theory: if you cannot deal with a problem it is of little use to worry and less pre- worry, that is, to overwhelm you in advance of events; and if you can take care of the problem, and solve it, do it and period. Ok, this theory is simple but it is not easy to carry it out. That is why we give you the keys to be able to live with tranquility, without anguish and, if you manage to get to it, you can get to live without worrying excessively, forgetting the stress and anxiety and starting to live with tranquility and respect for yourself.

  1. Past: it is important that you try to accept what has already happened and also what could have happened and never happened and, above all, you have to commit yourself to not making the same mistakes.
  2. Get better from this moment: start realizing yourself, try to be a better version of yourself every day but focused on the present. We have already said that you have to stop looking at the past but it is not good to focus on the future too much, enjoy today.
  3. Check how you talk and your thoughts. What you think and how you say things marks your mood and your self-esteem, perhaps much more than you think. Eject criticism and do not punish yourself, be demanding of yourself but do not ask yourself impossible and, above all, never insult yourself: you are not stupid, you are not incapable, and you are not clumsy. Don’t be your worst enemy.
  4. Take care and take care of those you love. The things you love are the ones you care for the most, or that should be. For this reason, focus your attention and attention on loving, caring and enjoying day by day the people around you and those you really want and contribute to your life.
  5. No, do not apply the “think badly and you will be right”. When your thoughts are always anticipating the negative, we only get stress and stress, which transforms into physical ailments, so try to cut this type of thoughts, as soon as possible, and look for time for yourself: do sports, for example, help cut thoughts and feel better
  6. Not facing problems is synonymous with suffering. Living calmly and calmly does not mean not having complicated and worrying moments, in fact avoiding problems is counterproductive. Dealing with unpleasant things allows you to close them earlier and, therefore, return to tranquility with greater speed.
  7. Take the reins. The only person who lives your life is you, the only person who will be with you all your life is you again, so make your decisions and get to it.
  8. Leave the comfort zone. In the comfort zone you live well but there is no magic inside, there is only what you already know and that saturates and becomes unsatisfactory, so go ahead: enter to live new adventures.
  9. Enjoy more Give yourself time to live in peace that means enjoying the silence, enjoying the time alone, enjoying the friends, the couple or the singleness. In short: enjoy more and laugh with it.
  10. Start meditatingNo, meditating is not a new fashion. It has been taking place since society is known. Meditation can be from cooking, running or praying, if you are a person with faith. To meditate is to put the brain to rest, is to allow our head to de-stress because, if we do yoga for body stress, shouldn’t we do the same with one of the most important complex organs of our body?



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