Yoga for the body and for the soul


Yoga came into my life at a key moment several years ago, opening a world of possibilities unknown until then and discovering an unexpected and fascinating path.

With that phrase, I introduced myself when I started as a yoga teacher. I wrote it a long time ago and it maintains the same strength it had then.

The yoga came into my life and I was not aware that was going to turn a tool of healing and salvation. Yoga came into my life at a time when I had a great job, a husband who adored me, two wonderful children and a seemingly perfect formula that, in me, did not work. It came as another sporting activity, between my swimming and bike sessions (my first yoga teacher was Tara Stiles and her videos there by 2009). However, when my life turned upside down, what saved me was a minimum level of consciousness that was due to a seed that began to germinate after the discovery of yoga.

I studied Geography and History and specialized in Archeology. Given the few professional opportunities, I pulled languages ​​and started working in international trade management for 15 years. The latter were somewhat chaotic. That together with a tremendous personal change, made me leave the business world and with 40 years rethink my professional life.

Yoga was already there and I decided to investigate a little more in practice by training as a teacher. The beginnings were not simple, the inertia of the past years was pulling hard and it was a professional world totally unknown to me, but I realized that my level of awareness and inner recognition increased as I continued advancing on this path, which made me it made me want to stay there.

It has not been – nor is it – easy. It takes a lot of work, many hours of practice and a lot of energy. There are joys and the occasional disappointment. That is why the key to follow is that you should be passionate, because if not, do not last in this for half an hour. Now, if you are willing to assume the level of intensity, the reward is directly proportional.

What my student’s value most is that they immediately realize that I transmit from the heart? The intensity of past years, personal, family, work crises, my fears, insecurities and guilt and the process – which is continuous, never ends – to heal me, is what I share with them in each class. Therefore, after each session I feel full of the energy that they transmit and exhausted after making they part of my process, because I give them everything.

A powerful teaching

I choose yoga because this discipline has taught me to listen, love and respect me, has made me get carried away by the process and not by expectations. Through practice I cultivate vitality, courage, creativity, inspiration, compassion, calm, honesty, integrity and integrity, especially towards myself. It has made me respect my body as the one that harbors who I really am and as a vehicle through which to access my story, pain and joy.

It has taught me that the most important relationship in my life is the one I maintain with myself and from there to reach my space of inner calm in which I know that everything is fine. Right there in that moment that you realize, the outside “magically” begins to harmonize in tune with the inside. And life, outside and inside, flows in peace.


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