Live at your own pace and stop running after others


Do you feel that everyone is running around you while you have the feeling that you cannot arrive on time? Sometimes it happens to us that we try to reach the rhythm of others and forget that we do not have the same. Some go faster and others slow, why?

The human body has an internal clock called circadian rhythm. According to science, this clock is controlled by hormones, and nerve and brain substances, and also sets in motion the unconscious physiological functions necessary to live. But this watch also makes you move, work, and live your life at a different pace from others. Therefore, taking into account your internal clock is essential to avoid many health problems, such as insomnia, anxiety, stress, psychological disorders, phobias, metabolic or eating disorders, poor performance at work or in studies, apathy, tiredness chronic, lack of joy, and many other symptoms that you need to synchronize with.

In common projects, a collective rhythm tends to be created marked by the rhythm of the most energetic

There are people who move, talk, and think, faster and others more slowly, but when they are together working on a common project, or they are members of the same family, couple, friends, etc., they create a collective rhythm Usually marked by the rhythm of the most energetic, or those who have an energy that transmits serenity, will, strength, or self-control. Also the society tries to mark a collective rhythm that can sometimes do a lot of damage since, it is young who feels young, and accepts with tranquility and enthusiasm, the passage of time.

The fisherman and the tourist

A tourist who took pictures of a port that saw a poorly dressed fisherman dozing in his boat. He asked if he was going to fish and the fisherman said no, because he had enough fish to eat the next day. Not that I want to get into your personal affairs – said the tourist – put imagine that today you go out a second time, a third, even a fourth time and that you fish three, four, ten dozen mackerels. Imagine that tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, every good day leaves two, three. Or maybe four times. In one year you could buy an engine and in two, a second boat and fish much more. He could build a refrigerated warehouse, and later a pickled factory, with his own helicopter to locate the schools of fish, giving radio instructions to his ships. It could be done with salmon rights, open a seafood restaurant, export lobster without intermediaries. Then you could be sitting here, in the harbor, in complete tranquility, dozing in the sun and watching the magnificent sea. But if I already do that now! – said the fisherman. We each have our rhythm and we should not change it even if the others have a different one.

Learn to live at your own pace by following these guidelines:

Are you more daytime or more nocturnal?

It is easy to know how your internal rhythm is, ask yourself if you prefer to get up early or are rather nocturnal. And during the day, you just have to watch yourself to see when you are most tired and when you are most energetic.

Follow your own schedules

Although society is the one who sets the schedules, whenever you can, adapt them to you and not vice versa, to adapt them to your internal rhythm, if only during the weekend.

Communicate your needs

Engage others in your inner rhythm. Do not hide it, whatever it is, or be ashamed, even if it is very different from the rest. If you live with more people it is necessary that they know it so that they can respect it and everyone lives in harmony.

Respect your wishes

Do not take into account the pace of life that marks society, you should not buy a house or create a family because you have reached the age at which it is considered socially advisable, but when you are prepared and want it . You may never even feel that desire, the important thing is that you live your life happily.

Do what you think and what you feel

Get dressed, do activities that fill you up, and behave as you really feel inside. If you feel younger than your age, you will be happier if you express it. Free your inner youth, regardless of the rhythms of the majority.


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