Is yoga worth as a sport?


Yoga is a good exercise but cannot be considered as a sport. It is a physical and mental practice that promotes the well-being of the whole organism.

Despite the popularity of yogic disciplines such as Bikram Yoga, which seek to make the body sweat, real yoga is not that. It is much more and its objective is not merely sports.
Yoga encompasses a wide range of bodily practices aimed at achieving a better physical and mental state. The best known and practiced type of yoga is Hatha Yoga and is based on the performance of postures, breathing techniques, concentration and meditation to transform the body and mind. But it is not a sport, it is a work of self-consciousness to learn to be and be in the present moment.

It is true that physical exercise is practiced through postures. But the purpose of this discipline is not to carry them out. The most perfect way or acquire a flexible and toned body. Nor should it be done if what you want is to lose weight. Although, with regular practice, greater flexibility will be acquired and it is even possible to lose weight.

Differences with a sport

A sport has a series of characteristics that are not contemplated when practicing yoga. For example, sports in general exercise competitiveness, effort – sometimes increasing the risk of injury – achieving a goal that is usually to win?

Yoga, on the other hand, has other types of objectives, some of them are shared with other sports practices. For example, it promotes self-knowledge and improvement, enjoyment and personal work. But his vision is different: he respects his own limits, he does not compare himself with other practitioners, he does not seek a short-term goal and he does not pursue winning a trophy unless it is the achievement of physical and emotional well-being.

If practiced regularly, it is a healthy and healthy exercise. But it is advisable to carry out other types of aerobic activities aimed at avoiding sedentary life and promoting oxygenation, better blood circulation and combating obesity. Just walk every day for 30 to 45 minutes at a fast pace on the way to your yoga center, to work or to meet your friends.


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