How to block a hit


It is not our intention that you learn to fight but quite the opposite. In a How we support conflict resolution peacefully since the only way for human beings to really understand each other is through words. But (and there is always a but) there are people who do not think so and as peaceful as you are there are moments in life when knowing basic notions of defense can become essential. It is for this reason that in this article we tell you how to block a blow so you know how to defend yourself against an attack.

Things you must do to block a hit

Face the person who is trying to attack you. As much as you want to escape from the situation, there are times when it is better to face them (for example, if you are against a wall). At that time the best thing is not to turn around since you will be “gifted” to the aggressor. You must turn and face.

Be attentive, focused, and alert: If you are the one who is going to defend himself, then you will be prepared to receive the blow or at least, that they want to take you. For this it is enough to be alert, it will not cost you much since by nature we are designed for dangerous situations, for this there is the adrenaline that our body throws in moments like these.

Take distance: This is vital, because if we are very close to the aggressor we will not have the thousandths of a second necessary to be able to block the blow. The ideal distance is to be kilometers from the aggressor, but as we said earlier sometimes it is not possible, so the ideal is at least half a meter.

Defensive position: You must put your arms as the friend of the image … While each combat sport and each martial art have their “defenses”, the classic boxing defense will allow you to block the blows covering your face, stomach area or even, take or deflect the blows. As you see, in addition to the position of the arms, the lord of the image is slightly hunched over, this is to be able to move the waist more easily, something that is very important when dodging a blow that goes to the head, moving for the sides, or backwards.

Now, if you dare, you can follow these excellent tips that go a little further and recommend a more coordinated movement of the body.

Defend yourself from a weapon

If your attacker is threatening you with a weapon, it is important that you consider a series of premises to prevent the conflict from ending badly. You have to try to keep calm and control the nerves, when we get nervous we can commit incoherent actions and really endanger our lives.

If you look capable and think it can be simple, a good way to defend yourself is to try to disarm your opponent by removing the weapon from his hand. But be very careful when doing this because if you are not an expert you could get into a serious problem.

Once you have the weapon in your possession, hold it tight to avoid being taken away by your aggressor. Run away and, whenever you can, call the police immediately to help you and capture the offender.


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