How much exercise to gain muscle


Without reaching the extreme of looking like a bodybuilder, increasing the volume of muscle mass allows you to be stronger to perform your daily activities and have a pleasant appearance. Very thin boys are usually interested in their muscles developing, but well-turned thighs or arms in which the muscles are outlined are also attractive in women. Here we explain how much exercise to gain muscle.

Steps to follow:

1. Although it seems paradoxical in principle, rest is one of the keys to gaining muscle and, especially, night rest. So you should get enough sleep to get your training sessions to take effect. This is because the muscle when it really grows is during the so-called anabolic period, which is produced at night.

Obviously, it is necessary that you have previously exercised so that the muscle grows, but also that you sleep as necessary. Each person has their own sleep needs, but the average term we can find is about 8 hours.

2. Clarified this point about how much exercise to do to gain muscle, it should be noted that the most advisable to achieve the objectives is that, at least, you train 3 days a week, preferably alternately. Nor do you need to get to the 4 weekly sessions, but do not go from there, because otherwise you would not give the muscles time to recover and you could run the risk of injuring yourself. Thus, we can say that you must train 3 to 4 days a week.

3. As for the duration of each training session, you should not exceed 60 minutes, due to a hormonal issue. From that time of exercise, according to various studies, the body begins to secrete cortisol, which eats muscle tissue, so it is a drag when it comes to achieving your goals. So, you better not do too long training sessions.

4. As for the design of the exercises to gain muscle, it is recommended to divide the activity into 4 sets of 10 repetitions each. This is an indicative measure, which you must adapt to your capacity, your needs and, also, the nature of each exercise.

As you practice, you will know what variations you should make about this indication. It is recommended that in each training session you work the largest number of muscle groups, avoiding focusing only on one of them.

5. In addition to planting how much exercise to gain muscle, you should keep in mind that eating can help you achieve your goals, especially if genetics are not on your side.



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