Guide to know the types of yoga


Although we often associate it with gentle and relaxed exercise, there are very different types of yoga, some very physically demanding, others more focused on meditation. These are some of the most practiced

Increasingly popular throughout the world, yoga is an ancient practice native to India and based on physical and mental balance.

Through different sequences of postures that allow working elasticity, strength and balance, yoga has tangible benefits on our body. But it is not a simple gym.

Yoga also includes moments of relaxation and meditation and helps relieve stress, improve emotion management and restore inner balance. In all practice breathing plays a fundamental role.

There are many types of yoga. These are some of the most popular:



It is the best known.

Classes begin with breathing exercises that are followed by the different asanas – positions – of greater or greater difficulty according to our experience in practice.

Classes always end with a moment of relaxation.



It is very dynamic so it is recommended for people who have a good physical condition.

In ashtanga yoga, the same sequence of postures is always followed and as they are mastered, the series progresses.

Breathing plays a fundamental role. At the end of the practice, a moment of relaxation is essential.



Less physically demanding, the practice of kundalini yoga encompasses breathing exercises, meditation through the singing of mantras, performing postures that work gently on elasticity and balance and moments of relaxation.



Bikram yoga is a modern form of yoga that, unlike traditional yoga, focuses only on the physical part, that is, on the postures.

Adapt Hatha Yoga’s own exercises to practice them in rooms heated to 40 degrees to increase flexibility during practice.

It is discouraged for people suffering from heart problems.


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