Do you need a pat on the back, before you start doing something? 5 positive results of self-motivation.


There is always a way out, even if something went wrong. This is called resilience and is the key to motivation, but best of all is how much you can get when you motivate yourself. We explain it to you.

Circumstances will not always be in your favor, there are times when the results are not positive and doing anything seems to cost twice as much. Only after time has passed, you realize that it was necessary to go through it, because it is part of a life learning that no one can experience for you. Therefore, choosing between surrendering and getting up again is your decision, and also an attitude that you will maintain if you get used to it. For this, self-motivation is key.

You may not know yourself fully in this regard, but you have enough motivational independence to encourage and motivate yourself. If you don’t get up again and don’t move on, you’ll never know what may be waiting for you around the corner. Self-motivation, moreover, just like giving up, has its consequences, with the big difference that these are positive. Do you want to meet them?

5 consequences of self-motivation

5 results you get, according to five motivation professionals.

  1. You direct your emotional center:  if your emotions are out of control, you cannot focus on yourself and your needs. It’s not about rejecting your emotions, but about accepting them and letting them go. “We will not do it properly if we do not start by accepting our intense negative emotions that cause tensions and we learn to handle them without rejecting them,” Raquel Tomé (psychiatrist).
  2. You start to know yourself: it is necessary to know how to choose and make decisions, and you do it through your own mistakes. “A greater awareness of our” failures and successes, “it will be much easier to break old vices and strengthen our strong features,” Carlos Luer (brand management).
  3. You author yourself:  if you feel that you are not developing your potential, you will not want to continue and you will not enjoy the same wayWhen your enthusiasm drives you to motivate yourself, you feel fulfilled. “Self-realized individuals perceive reality more clearly and objectively,” Abraham Maslow (psychologist)
  4. Expand your perspective:  you can see beyond what the facts show or what others say, it is as if your mind opens to a new world where you understand that each one sees a different reality. ” You can focus on creating reality based on your own truth, instead of blindly following what is established by collective beliefs and ideas,” Moorjani (motivational speaker).
  5. You free yourself: free yourself in every way, it is very useful to change habits that do not favor you and create new ones. “Being free is only possible if you assume your responsibilities and act accordingly with what you say and do,” Ana María Oliva (doctor of biomedicine).


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