4 psychological benefits of power walking


Release tensions, make ideas flow … Discover all that a good pace ride can do for your emotional well-being

With the popular wisdom that mothers and grandmothers treasure, they will surely have told you that “let’s go for a walk that is very healthy.” But now what they take are the anglicisms, such as power walking, which would be the same as going for a walk of a lifetime, yes, with verve and awareness: to be effective, you have to walk with energy, mobilize the arms, activate the abdomen and slightly lift the tip of the foot.

We already tell you that this exercise is a good substitute for racing if you are not in the runner bubble or the impact sport is contraindicated for you. In addition, there are many psychological benefits of power walking. We tell you why a walk can contribute to your mental well-being.


  1. in the sun, more energy. To practice this sport you don’t have to get in the gym. And here is one of its greatest advantages: you can take advantage of all the benefits that sunlight brings to the body, such as regulating the internal clock so that you wake up vitally and fall asleep when going to sleep, or synthesize vitamin D, responsible to maintain bone and muscle health and basic to strengthen your immunity. Of course, try to avoid the midday hours, when ultraviolet radiation is more intense and your skin may suffer.


  1. Stress and downward anxiety. Accepting and overcoming nervous states depends on several factors, but there is evidence that sport is one of the best decisions you can make so that anxiety does not take hold of you. It will not be the first time you hear it or the last time: moving releases endorphins, substances produced in the brain that are related to pleasant emotions and block the sensation of pain.


  1. Greater creativity. The body relaxes, worries disperse and ideas flow: walking can help you be more creative. There are several studies that prove it, such as the one carried out by the American universities of Stanford and Santa Clara with a sample of 40 participants. In the investigation they separated the volunteers into two groups: some were sitting and others were moving on a treadmill. They asked each other to find alternative uses for objects such as a button. The results were that 81% of the people who participated in walking experienced greater creativity, were more talkative and contributed more ideas.


  1. Better social life. While music or sound environment are the main companions of the  runnersto the approach the race -well few will have to trot and talk at the same time without losing his breath, the power walking is an activity you can do in the company and even , can allow you to meet new people.


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