4 exercises to tone and get a flat stomach


The abs are like the structure of a sailboat. The deepest ones, which are closer to the spine, are like the mast. They hold your organs and give you a tonic and dynamic look. We offer you 4 truly easy abdominal exercises that will tone you immediately.

If you do two in the morning and two at night in sessions of 10 minutes a day you will get the results very quickly. One tip, motivate yourself with a playlist with 3 themes that you are passionate about and the 10 minutes will fly.

1. Foot abs. With the legs extended and separated to the width of the hips. The arms are flexed in front of the chest, with fists clenched. Tilt your upper body forward while bringing your right leg bent to your left elbow, halfway. Then, return to the beginning position by contracting the belly well and straightening the back. How often? 10 times on each side. How to breathe it exhales every time the elbow touches the knee. Don’t do it too fast to not get out of balance.

2. For your waist. Lie on your left elbow. The legs extended and the right foot passes over the left for greater stability. The right arm is flexed above the head, the hand rests on the back of the head- Make a rotation with the upper body until the right elbow is brought to the ground. Attention! Do not relax abs, hips or pelvis. Then return to the starting position. How often? 5 times a day. How to breathe Breathe deeply through your mouth when you bring your elbow to the floor.

3. Buttocks and abs. In iron, with the legs together and extended, the front of the legs supported by a gymnastic ball. Contract the belly and squeeze the buttocks. Keep your balance and lift your right leg as high as possible, shifting your body weight forward. How often? 5 times on each side. How to breathe Breathe out when you raise your leg.

4. Buttocks and abs, even more toning. This exercise allows you to work all the abs at once. On all fours, move slightly forward. Lean on the right hand and bring the left arm behind the neck. Put your body weight back in the center. Keeping your balance, slowly lift your right leg bent outward and lower it at the same pace. How often? 5 lifts on each side. How to breathe Breathe very slowly through your mouth when you lift your leg.


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